Ground Vehicles

Combat and tactical vehicles for a modern force

Our Approach

Reduce risk with commercial technology

We are modifying commercially available technologies and solutions to build and upgrade ground vehicles exclusively for our nation’s armed forces. We’re not limited by our own technology, unlike traditional combat vehicle providers, and our recipe for success has been unmatched for more than a decade.

We work to find the best available technology and solutions to support your timeline and readiness needs. Then, we rapidly upgrade and integrate platforms to offer the maximum intellectual property and technical data packages possible - saving you time and long-term sustainment costs. 


  • Systems Engineering

    We use a wide variety of tools that help sustain and modernize your operations.

  • Prototyping

    We build full-scale vehicle models, mock-ups, and pre-production units.

  • Testing

    We conduct live, quality assurance testing ensuring our designs meet your requirements.

  • Supply Chain

    We keep the parts, materials, and resources moving so your mission stays on track.

  • Platforms

    We modify and upgrade combat and tactical vehicles protecting warfighters during combat.

  • Sustainment

    Our solutions meet any need, from ordering parts to full end-to-end modifications.