Digital Engineering

Digital engineering is the advanced computerization of systems engineering practices.


Digital engineering enables enterprises to create complex, latticed systems of products, services, and capabilities more quickly and effectively from within a digital ecosystem.

Inside this virtual and connected ecosystem, by using advanced technologies to digitally generate, curate, share, extract, and work with computable data and information, enterprises can conduct explorations and collaborate efficiently and accurately on complex systems. With digitization, teams can rapidly manipulate system designs and architectures and study resulting strengths and weaknesses, informing performance and unlocking insights that lead to innovation.

Digital engineering teams also use visual models to clearly convey design intent with each other, customers, and partners, as part of a model-based systems engineering approach. Everyone who has components of the system can immediately understand how elements and changes impact upstream and downstream engineering activities and their own work.

Unlike the sequential, iterative approach of traditional engineering, digital engineering lets organizations accomplish agile development and quickly identify the best solution to a problem.


SAIC's digital engineering services accelerate the value of your engineering enterprise.

SAIC Digital Engineering Services

SAIC is leading digital engineering integration for the government with a set of services that advises customers on implementation paths, establishes customized digital ecosystems, and trains them on tools, methods, and processes. We also perform digital engineering execution services for customers.

We offer these services in modular, affordable stages for a customer in transition to digital engineering or as a turnkey transformation package. Our digital engineering staffs comprise engineers from multiple disciplines, domain experts, systems engineers with modeling expertise, IT specialists, and others who can advise on and support enterprise strategy and organization, capital investments, and technology vendor management.

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Digital engineering doesn't alter good engineering fundamentals. It augments and automates the way your organization practices them, leading to digital transformation and an agile engineering enterprise.


Benefit from these advantages when you tap into SAIC's digital engineering services.

  • Have the right, interoperable mix of tools.

    We integrate modeling and simulation, analytics and visualization, and collaboration tools your enterprise requires. Our semantic broker establishes data fluency with your customers and partners, weaving strong digital threads.

  • Keep your existing technologies and assets.

    In your new digital engineering ecosystem, we integrate solution elements from the portfolio you already have, where they make most sense. We manage evolutionary changes in your enterprise portfolio as part of your digital transformation.

  • Use commercially available technologies.

    SAIC procures hardware and software from established, premier digital engineering vendors and configures and integrates solutions using open architecture techniques. Your digital engineering ecosystem is scalable and future-proof.

  • Get expert transformation advice and training.

    Decorated and renowned experts in our consultancy service evaluate your processes, workforce, infrastructure, and technologies for your best paths forward. We offer both strategic planning and workforce training workshops.

  • Let us perform the digital engineering tasks.

    SAIC provides fully managed digital engineering execution services. We use model-based systems engineering methodologies to perform life-cycle analyses of the systems impacting your mission, managing all of your digital models and artifacts.

  • Access SAIC's own tools and infrastructure.

    Organizations can use free, limited versions of our digital engineering tools, such as our semantic broker and model curator. Migrate to subscription-based full tools when ready. Get started below by downloading our free system model validation tool.

Our free system model validation tool improves the quality of models.

Intended for systems modelers, engineers, and users, our validation tool is a set of rules and customizations for the MagicDraw and now Rational Rhapsody modeling tools to guide teams to make uniform choices. The rules enforce style guides and language semantics, resulting in system content that's machine-readable for analysis tools. Review time for large system models is reduced to minutes.  


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