Security Services

SAIC Security Services supports personnel security clearance transaction and security onboarding requirements.

SAIC Security Services
Phone: 866-955-7242 (option 7)
Fax: 256-971-7201 or 256-971-7210
Hours: M-F, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET

Initial & Upgraded Clearances

Clearance requirement.
Persons requiring access to classified government information must complete a background investigation. Follow the steps for completing clearance requirements.
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Crossover Clearances & Periodic Reinvestigations

Clearance retention.
Persons holding active clearances that are new to SAIC or require a reinvestigation. Follow the steps for completing clearance requirements.
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Security Training

Training & Briefings
Employees must take the initial security briefing before obtaining access to classified information.  Follow the steps for completing the initial security training requirements.
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e-Qip Application

Clearance Paperwork
Your security clearance will be based on the results of a personnel security investigation conducted by the Federal Government.
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